About Us

The West Saint Catherine Neighborhood Association (WSCNA), in Old Louisville, Kentucky, was formed in April 1998 to serve the residents of the 500 & 600 blocks of W. Saint Catherine Street and to fill the void left by the dissolution of the Limerick Neighborhood Association in November 1996. Over the years, the WSCNA has expanded its vision and works to represent all of Limerick. Our mission is to sponsor community-building events, enhance neighborhood safety/security, and  improve the “curb appeal” of our neighborhood.

Our 2017 Officers are:
Dennis Lally: President
Brent Logsdon: Vice President
Scott Gilbertson: Secretary
Neal Nixon: Treasurer


6 Responses to About Us

  1. Nefertiti Burton says:

    Just wanted to say thanks to you all for the work you are doing. I’m at the corner of 6th and St. Catherine and appreciate the efforts being made to improve the neighborhood. I work evenings and weekends (and weekdays too) but want you LL to know that I am with this group in spirit.

    I hope to be able to join you for some of the meetings when time permits. Meanwhile, my husband and I try to keep up with the info on the web and are very grateful for this informational site.

    Best wishes,
    Nefertiti and Aukram Burton

  2. Hi neighbor! I’m glad that you’re finding this website useful. If you’re on Facebook, we also have a page there where we post our news.

    We have plans for a couple of small events this spring, as you read in the minutes. I hope we’ll see you two at some of them.



  3. Charles Pittman says:

    Dear West St. Catherine Neighborhood Association,

    My wife, Kathy Hannan Pittman, and I will be in Louisville, Sunday and Monday, May 1st -2nd, 2011 and will be touring your neighborhood.

    My wife’s GG Grandpaents and Great Grandparents, O’Bryans and Hannans, were some of the first residents in Old Louisville. My wife’s Great-Grandfather John Patrick Hannan built his residence at 516 W. Catherine St, Old Louisville and died there in 1915.

    We are very interested in contacting the present day homeowners of 516 W. Catherine St. and giving them a photo of John Patrick Hannan. He owned a machine shop in Louisville, duering the late 1800’s.

    We were wondering if you could contact the current residents of his home and forward our email to them. We would very much like to meet & present them this historic photo, when we visit Louisville.

    Thanks so much!

    Charles Pittman
    Assistant to the Governor
    Office of the Governor
    State of Mississippi
    P.O. Box 139
    Jackson, Mississippi 39205
    Tel: 601-576-2017

  4. Danielle Cushing says:

    I am new to the neighborhood and have recently experienced some crime. My car was recently broken into, which made me reach out and look for a neighborhood association. I am at the corner of Brook and St Catherine. Looking over this website has been a great help. I can see meeting dates, and that people are really trying to make our neighborhood better. I want to say thanks to all, and that I will be around to help!

    Danielle Cushing

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