West Saint Catherine, the jewel of the Limerick Historic Preservation District and the gateway to Old Louisville

A “small town” in a big city

Greater Louisville is a city of neighborhoods and West Saint Catherine ranks among the best. In a city of over 700,000 people, our neighborhood has maintained a “small town” feel. Originally founded in the 1860s by working-class, Irish-immigrants as part of the Limerick neighborhood, today we are a diverse community, one where people know their neighbors and, more importantly, look after them. Our concern for each other also leads to our close cooperation with our councilman and local police units. By staying informed and involved, we strive to be a driving force for positive change.

History, history, history
The history of our neighborhood is also revealed in the many styles of architecture found throughout the area. From the modest shotgun houses to the grander homes built by the “lace curtain Irish” and everything in between, there is a wide range of homes to suit any family, budget and style.

Institutions of higher learning have always had a home in our neighborhood. Beginning in 1873 with the Louisville Central Public School, which later became Simmons College, today there are two universities within easy commute: University of Louisville and Spalding University. In 2006 Simmons College returned to our neighborhood after a more than 70 year absence.

And there’s more …
Even with friendly people and wonderful architecture, what would a neighborhood be without things to do? Fortunately there are many restaurants, shops and churches nearby. We are within walking distance of great restaurants such as 610 Magnolia, Bucks, 3rd Ave. Cafe, Amicis, and others. We are a 5-minute bike ride from downtown, a commute that can only be surpassed by those who work in their homes. We are only a few blocks from Central Park, the home of Shakespeare in the Park, The Victorian Ghost Walk, and many other wonderful events. And, of course, each October the Saint James Art Show is held in St. James Court, directly south of Central Park. For those seeking a “greener” lifestyle, we have a community garden in which to grow healthy food.

West Saint Catherine is a wonderful neighborhood to visit and an even better one in which to live. You’ll find families enjoying the parks, couples strolling in the evening, neighbors gathered on porches and the aromas of barbecue wafting from charming, secluded courtyards. It’s an affordable, comfortable, welcoming neighborhood ~ come on by and say “hi”!